Here we go, our first blog post about the real estate world we live in. We all love the place we call home, whether it’s a condo, an apartment, or a house, we are where we want to be at the moment, until we find somewhere better. We all make our homes as comfortable and safe and happy as we can. We like to decorate, we like to work from home, we like to play at home, we like to relax, we like to garden, we sleep. We love what everyone ‘does’ at home, we try to cover all of these things when we are showing houses to you, we ask you to sit down at the kitchen table, and relax on the couch, to see if it ‘feels right’ to you. Is it a place you can call home? So many of our clients have made their new houses, their beautiful homes, when I visit I’m so impressed with the changes that each of you have made to make that house your ‘home’. We want to be able to share all of that with you. Get in touch with us and send us your before and after pictures of all the projects you have worked on. All I seem to have at the moment are ‘before’ pics… not quite enough to work with… 🙂

We are also hoping to post fab recipes for the holidays, new paint ideas, and did everyone know wallpaper is back bigtime? Focus walls? Landscaping projects? Did you find a great contractor that you would recommend? We are looking for host bloggers as well, have something you want to write about…sign up! We are really excited about this project, so lets begin. 🙂