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Fireplace Before

Ok, tis the season for fireplaces, nothing says “home” more than a crackling fireplace. I turned on my Compton/Rogers cable last nite and watched the never-ending burning log with the ‘crackle’ sound loop..it was pretty but when I started to type to the sound of the loop, I knew it was time to change to music. There was no heat, no getting up to check on it, no ashes, no smell: good or bad, none of the fun stuff was there. So REAL is the way to go or gas of course. There is something so primal about fire, we as a species would never has survived without it. Part of our reno series in low-cost/high ROI (return on investment). There is nothing more wonderful than making money on your money, without ever having to step into a bank. There are certain reno’s that add equity to your home that is so high, we can’t imagine why people don’t do it. Basically any decor changes every 5 or 6 yrs. so if painting the brick on the fireplace is ‘in’ now, it might be ‘out’ in 5 years… if you are planning on staying, do it for yourself.. if you are planning on selling DEFINATELY, do it to update the look.  AND neutral is not the way to go now, that’s changed, paint colours are richer and deeper than the pale neutrals from 5-10 yrs ago. Pick up any decorating magazine and you will see. The tv shows don’t really accent the most current trends, they work with what the client wants to live with, NOT what the client needs to do to sell.

Fireplace After

Our associates at Great Garden Revival.com did a great job, they do extensive inside and outside award-winning reno’s. The landscaping pages to come are gorgeous. Liv is the owner of the company and will be one of our guest bloggers. Her info is liv@greatgardenrevival.com  and her website is www.greatgardenrevival.com please feel free to email her and ask her whatever  questions you have.

The floors have been re-finished, the walls painted a deep rich tone of grey, the wooden mantel and faceboards have been painted a pearl white as well as the trim around windows and the baseboads,  the tiles around the fireplace were cleaned. Awesome job and great focus point now.

…regards Maven Lane Team 🙂