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Our Maven Lane Realty Blog is up and running.. and time to introduce ‘The Players’

I’m Grant Lucas: Husband, Brother, Best Friend and all around good guy. I’ve been married for 25 wonderful years.. owned a couple of houses with my Robin and made them our homes.. worked in advertising for years.. been a teacher and mentor.. wrote some manuals.. renovated and remodelled homes (sometimes for years.. according to my Robin.. but that’s another blog).. you know, the usual stuff a guy gets into when he has idle hands

I’ll write in from time to time about some of the things I’ve seen, experienced, thought about.. fun stuff, serious stuff.. but nothing heavy. Hope you’ll enjoy my observations and ramblings. Feel free to comment or pass it on to your friends.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!


(This blog has been approved by me. Let’s call it…… ‘G’ rated)

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