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Discover the World of Possibilities

For 2012-2013, the concept of possibilities moves us into a pro-active position.  It spurs us on to mine our newly appreciated familiar world of opportunities and encourages us to combine materials and colours in new unsuspecting and satisfying ways.

The 2012-13 paint colour palette is full of take-charge optimism. Our need to take charge, influenced by our public sharing of information through social media, being more aware of our impact on the environment or taking time out of our busy lives for quiet meditation – is reflected in a paint palette dominated by REDS, GREENS and NEUTRALS, from charming corals, garden greens and dark soil browns to nude PINKS, pastel BLUES and subtle MAUVES

Right now Colour Zoning is one the hottest trends again in home decorating this year. It’s a big bold way to add a colourful punch to a room. It’s fun, affordable and a contemporary way to dress up a room for instant interest, instant personality and instant talking points.

Stripes, Squares, rectangles and circles in harmonious colours or contrasting shades that say “LOOK AT ME”. It’s easy with colour zoning techniques.

“Living Scrapbook” theme celebrates self-expression and a culture that has learned to share ‘who I am’ through social media like Facebook, MySpace and blogs. This palette includes colours that reflect the uniqueness of highly personal tastes.

“One Small Seed”  Nature will take a step indoors in 2012-13 as consumers embrace the One Small Seed theme. Recognizing that we may not be able to change the world on our own, but as individuals we can take steps to make a difference, this colour grouping is inspired by the process of photosynthesis and features water, clay and earth tones.

One Small Seed Palette

“Delicate Mix”, in todays uncertain world, the Delicate Mix theme delivers subtle, calming neutrals that soothe the soul and promote a sense of quiet harmony and balance.

So which are you? “Living Large and Bold” ? more like planting “One small seed”? or looking for a “Delicate Mix” in your life, your colours paint your personality. Explore and express yourself.

Tomorrow: Psychology of Colour !