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Easter eggs

Easter eggs (Photo credit: StSaling)

Ah Easter… families getting together (expect a few life altering arguments of course) sharing a wonderful meal or two  (expect some tummy aches from the kids and complaining from the adults about eating too much), going to church (those folks that only go on the holiest of days, otherwise never look inside one) ((had to look up ‘holiest’ by the way, I could feel the heat of a lightening bolt on my shoulder until I checked my iPhone Dictionary app… thank you God, for the app and not striking me down..yet))  There will be a lot of people on the road, going from A to B and stopping to 1) get coffee, 2) go the bathroom 3) fill up with drinks again 4) buy some easter lily’s from that man reading the paper in the truck on the sidewalk…who usually is there…. hope like hell he’s gonna be there because we didn’t have time to buy anything else for Grandma and everything else is CLOSED!!!!  Everyone’s Grandma loves flowers from the kiddies.  My small town will be absolutely swamped with tourists flooding to the lake…get it? get it?  I slay myself < icon of stickwoman bent over laughing> In my town they close down the main street on Sunday for the Annual Easter Egg Hunt, why is it called annual? Isn’t it self-explanatory? Easter only comes once a year.  Although by God I must have been asleep that day is Sunday school because at 52 years of age I still have no idea, why I have no idea when it is, and why it changes every year… sun? moon? tides? I’ve not even taken the time to ‘google’ it. geeeeze, it just seemed so silly to me.  And lets not forget the fact that the gas prices will go up today j u s t  in time for the long car rides this weekend. Easter calander dates and gas prices, so much energy to figure it all out.

I’m sitting in the sun at my desk, although I don’t know Easter dates I am still ‘blessed’ with a great sunshine view with my laptop while I work.  Ah sun… that’s an easy one for me, it comes up every morning and goes down every night.  I don’t need to know more than that. (although if someone wants to explain daylite savings time… I’ll listen. ( for a minute or two)

My darling husband is home all weekend, he’s a paramedic and he works a rotating shift of 4 “on” and 4 “off” and this looooooooong weekend he is home for allllllll of it. Yah!!! (maybe)  By the way when he “works” his 4 days on… it’s more like ‘dozing for dollars’…. Im pretty sure he doesn’t work too hard when he comes home from his shift the crease is barely out of the knees of his uniform which means he sat in the recliner all day/nite.  His biggest ‘call’ last week was to Mac’s milk to get batteries for TV remote…”wow, another tough day at work sweetie?” Apparently there are not 1 but 2 hockey games he NEEDS to see this weekend.  I tried to explain to him that ‘THE EASTER WEEKEND’ is not a time for silly games.  He knows me too well and will not go shopping with me and carry my bags.  It was in the marriage vows btw… “I promise to be your shopping sherpa”…… but apparently there was some small print I never paid any attention to. grrrrrrrr.  He does however deliver a fresh hot cup of coffee to me in bed every single morning since we’ve been together. Thats was my only request when he asked what I expected from our relationship.  “I expect to be adored…and I expect coffee in bed everyday”… says I.  And gosh darn by golly, doesn’t he do it everyday.  He’s done it in every province across Canada. He did it in Venice, imagine finding his bride an espresso every morning..wow, (although thinking back, I’m sure it had more to do with his love of authentic gellato at 8am…Venice time! than getting me a coffee).  He did it on our cruise ship holiday where getting a fresh cup meant walking the distance of 3 football fields… and back. He did it in Germany, Amsterdam, Austria, Tuscany, Rome, Sienna, Pisa (it was drive thru- but still ) and even gave me his peanuts on the plane.  FINE a couple of silly games…he’s earned it.

I will plan Easter dinner with the family, make fabulous desserts, get the “finer” tableware out, have everyone drive all the way over here and hopefully, just hopefully I’ll get a pot of Easter Lily’s from the guy in the truck sitting on the sidewalk.  “FLOWERS … $10”


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