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Please tell me I’m not the only one who notices that everything in the world is spinning so fast.  The way we live, the way we communicate, the way we play, the way we work.  It’s crazy…. I wake up….then the day is over, the only way I know I  got anything done is the balance in my bank account and my hair is messier than when I started this morning.  My eyes were bulging out of my head today trying to get ‘stuff’ done online and I was a demon multi-tasker… copying and pasting here, there and places I didn’t mean too.  I had 21 page tabs open at the same time, I was on the phone writing things down with my left hand…and I’m right handed…crazy!

I’m in the Real Estate industry and its moving so fast…how does the public keep up? How do you possibly find the house you want when it’s SOLD before you get there? And you have a hard time understanding why “we” are asking you to change the price of your house for sale, it’s because one just sold like yours and it’s sold price now affects yours.  The solution…. simplify!  Take out alot of the extra steps and just be clever enough to jump forward… easy! Done!

We are going to get rid of our website.  ah!!!!!!!! big move but so much better for you and for me……. way too much chatter on there, if you are not selling you don’t care about the 3 pages for sellers!  Unless you are buying, you don’t care about the buying pages full of great info, but very time-consuming, and I would rather send you EXACTLY what you want when I tell you, you want it! lol The Facebook platform is amazing and so many people are there anyway already!  quick easy for my clients to navigate, the ‘property search’ tool is absolutely awesome, far better than Realtor.ca.  This new tool is great for realtors, it allows us to do so much more for you without restrictions on video, pics, voice overs, maps, Google neighbourhood shots, get instant access to everything. Our industry is fighting over who has the rights to the info on Realtor.ca…really who cares as long as the buyers get their dream homes and the sellers sell their homes.  Everyone is happy, that’s the way I like it, don’t you?

so…join us HERE for our Facebook friends page

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