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Do I have to follow the rules? I don’t do well with ‘painting in the lines’ I opened my own company so I wouldn’t have to advertise in ‘their’ colours…. I could put ads out in whatever colour I wanted. They said it was all about ‘branding’. I said does the Seller really care WHO sells their house as long as their house gets sold for the most amount of money in the least amount of time with the lowest amount of stress?
There are blogging rules… damn, Rule #1, supposed to be 300-400 word count…haha, sometimes I’m feeling very verbose and want to talk/write forever, depends on the day, the nite, the amount of wine consumed. Sometimes I am very reflective and only have a few words to share… “I think..therefore I am”… always loved that one. So basically that rule is out the window. Rule #2 is capture someone’s attention in the first 30 seconds…ummm, really? I give a book the first 100 pages to capture my attention. Does that mean I have l o n g attention? or just not very smart? I give everything a chance, there was this bird once that ran into my living room window, I gave it a chance, I bathed the wounds, fed and watered it for 3 days. It came around on the 4th day decided  to fly around in my kitchen and was quickly… so quickly I might add gobbled up by my cat, that I was stunned. I couldn’t blame the cat. Was there a rule there I was supposed to be aware of and follow? So catch someone’s attention in 30 seconds.. Okaaaaaay. How would I ever know anyway? Is someone going to write to me and say ‘Hey I wanted to read your blog but you lost me in the first 30 seconds”…. that took longer than 30 seconds to write.  Darn, this gets complicated. Rule #3, write 3-4 times a week… that’s easy and fun, I write when I’m supposed to be doing something else, like sleep, or exercise or make dinner. I think that’s called avoidance more-so than being pro-active in the writing… 🙂 Rule #4, which really was rule #1 but I wanted to mess around with the rules in all ways…. Rule #4/1 is to pick a topic and stick to it. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, Honestly what fun is that? Minds wonder, days change, topics change, moods change, how boring to write about the same things all the time. (word count 382 btw, i mean 403 , oops now 408.. you get the point) so I’ve broken Rule #1. I’m such a rebel on paper. I did an ad in blue last week…. not my branded Maven Lane of black/white…rebel!!!I stayed up past my bedtime last nite too. I went to Chicago for a fun weekend and likely enjoyed myself too much. The doorman had to pay my cab… what cab? lol
So we are sitting around today in the office discussing “Real Estate”, that is the topic of the blog…it’s in here trust me, read past 30 seconds and you will find something of value that you didn’t already know. Real estate… we were talking about how much we love working in this industry. The great, fun, interesting people we meet everyday. We become part of your lives, and we think about you everyday until you are settled into your new homes. It’s great to work in an industry that we love. How many people get to say they love their jobs? Really, not many. So thank-you, thank-you, thank-you everyone for being a part of our day. 🙂

The Maven Lane Gang,
Heather, Grant, Carl, Susan, John, Sandi, and our taskmaster..Marilyn.

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